Photos and text throughout this Buna website, © David Sears, 2013, all rights reserved. No duplication, reproduction, or usage is permitted without expressed permission.

This said, every image and word in this website is obviously easy to duplicate, reproduce, and use - and indeed, it all exists for the purpose of edification.

So, to be clear, if the duplication, reproduction, and usage is to illustrate a school report, to make instructional presentations, create a birthday card for that special someone, or something else in this league - we all know what I'm talking about - have at it;  don't make copies or let others do so, and when finished please delete my content from your folders. 

NO duplication, reproduction, or usage is allowed for any human endeavor with any sort of commercial inference whatsoever.  This equally applies to use for humanitarian purposes, however defined, including saving the planet, saving Africa, or saving worthy historical characters from oblivion. Please don't steal.

All these images, and God knows others, are available for use.

This said, I'm grateful and flattered for your attention. I flatter myself by even writing that! But, if you're bothering to read this, you probably already have poked around my galleries, gotten into one of my reportages - whatever, I really am flattered that anyone would bother, and grateful. Thanks!


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