An innovative twist on the ancient, yet ever-timely, most effective, and democratic form of public discourse, The
Evergreen State Forum presents full-day events, addressing the pressing Issues of Our Times, simultaneously to
two live audiences on either side of this state's infamous Cascade Curtain.  Substantial representative samplings of
both selected participants and the public-at-large, from geographically and demographically-separated Washington
State regions, gather together under two roofs, interconnected through video and social media, to hear expert
panels lay out for their consideration the background, present-day, and future of those pressing Issues we
individually and collectively share in our modern Washington State social commons. 

One purpose of TESF is to raise the bar of civil discourse, resulting in a better-informed public, and leading in
measurable ways to our state's good governance. Ultimately, The Evergreen State Forum (TESF, or simply the
Forum) is a public service, an exercise in active and proactive democracy asking how “we, the public”, think about
and define our modern Washington State social commons in a time of great flux;  how we, Washingtonians,
collectively and individually consider the pressing Issues of Our Times that recognize neither geographical nor
political boundaries.  The Forum aims to:

> increase general public awareness of the Issues of Our Times, to uncover modern, inclusive, coherent
narratives among our state's many and varied constituencies, and raise the bar of informed public discourse to
begin processes of rediscovering and revivifying our social commons; and

> provide opportunities for social agencies, NPOs, charities, foundations, industries, institutions, and others,
not least our elected representatives and state leaders, to gauge and assess social trends, and so make
better-informed decisions about the public's current and future needs.

The proposed 2-year, 6-event TESF series targets 12 separate Washington State “populations” in sub-regions west
and east of the Cascade Mountains, and attracts a significant (but unforeseeable), more general population of
viewer-participants online (or also on TV).         ...to be continued...
The Evergreen State Forum

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